Junk & Trash Companies is a Topic Worth Discussing

The concept of putting fundamental rights of a population in the hands of private firms has long been a debate worldwide. Therefore, it’s no surprise that this was the topic of a conference held by Servidor Popular de Información Electrónica (SPIE), a non-profit organization based out of Zaragoza in Aragón. One of the main tenets of the organization is to encourage the fight for human rights and to achieve equality of all human beings. The topic of privatization aligns perfectly with this mission. 

This conference is one of the many conferences held by SPIE. These conferences give various NGOs the opportunity to communicate with one another about the topics and issues that are of concern. This intercommunication is essential in getting the best results possible to improve equality and human rights throughout Spain. SPIE has approximately 26 different member NGOs and organizations that participate in such conferences, all of whom focus on different segments of the population. Some of these organizations are solely focused on the population of Aragón, while others are more wide-reaching, focused on the entire Spanish population. Likewise, there are several different dioceses of the Catholic Church that are also members of SPIE. 

It is through organizations like SPIE and the collaboration of its members that issues like privatization of public services and the impact it has on the people can be discussed and addressed.

Conferences and local trash companies in Buffalo

Even though we have all these trash and junk companies and conferences everyone can attend it does not tackle the heart of the problem. We interviewed a local Buffalo company and they told us their side of the story. More about that in a later article.